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These Q&As are interesting. In this district 4 list of responses, I found myself hungry for more concrete details and data. That isn't to say both candidates aren't earnest. But, what specific new programs and monies will be proposed for mental health and safety--for example. Where's the data that shows that HUD is bringing into the city career criminals? Not a feeling, data--for example. What, for example, exactly is ALL the city can do to oppose the pipeline and how will the candidate lead the charge? If the other candidate is anti-government, why does he propose to use the legal system to oppose the pipeline? That, ultimately, is the only way to defeat it. Neither candidate gave a specific answer to how they are different than their opponent. I will say, too, that being a parent is wonderful, but non-parents can be just as caring and nurturing. The idea of holding a fish fry and gathering groups to solve problems is good, and already happens in this city. But, citizens with jobs can't also work an additional 40 hours a week cleaning levees, sweeping streets, fighting pipelines, managing growth, and etc. Again, two sincere candidates. Good on them for running.

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