I’d like to thank Diane Kelley for actually responding and answering questions. Since she is part of the slate of candidates supported by the “DoE” slate, we can assume that her views are in line with the other other candidates supported by them.

I am all for parental rights, however her views and opinions seem to want to take us back to the 1950s where we don’t learn anything about people different then us. This is a dangerous and concerning ideology to have.

I, for one, will not be voting for her, I care to much for the children of the community to subject them to the governance of her and the people in her coalition.

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Diane Kelley: "...supports strong academics without any agendas, and I want to uphold parental rights." and "...biggest concerns is the books..." Sara Bagsby: "... ideological dangers being pushed on our kids through public education..." Nope.

We know what this means, we know who these people are. These words mean they have bought into the lies from the right, attempting to equate teaching kids to be kind and inclusive with some sort of scary agenda. Nope.

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