Really good reporting. Thank you.

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Nov 2, 2022·edited Nov 2, 2022

Thanks again Dave, as always, love your reporting. I feel for the families in this as well. But I can't help but to think this is a best guess scenario. I heard the words "hope", "ongoing investigation", and "sealed affidavit" (probable cause) from all the local news reports. What I didn't hear from local media (I had to actually research it) was that this guy was married with at least one daughter(kids?) of his own. I also heard he has lived a non-criminal life with no priors or nothing to indicate he was capable of this act. His life and his generational kids lives have been ruined, regardless of the outcome.

I also know there has been a history of cold cases turned over to prosecution just so the law enforcement folks can retire in peace. This prosecutor has started out being non-transparent. Maybe that will turn out to be for good reason.

I hope I am wrong but let's all (including the one-sided sensationalism of the media) assume he is innocent until proven guilty especially until they have released the evidence. We all know this trial won't happen in Carroll County or anywhere close.

Why does he have to look so much like Steven Avery?

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I agree. Innocent until proven guilty. Given the high profile nature of this case, I do think it likely that they have an airtight case on him.

My guess is that they have another person suspected of help or such and they don’t want to tip their hand on that person yet.

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