I suspect that the prosecutor is attempting to get Allen killed or drive him crazy or both: That would solve a lot of problems for him. McLeland is allowed to make inflammatory but wholly uncorroborated allegations about Allen's putative "confessions" at a hearing that concerned only safety and procedural issues, knowing that there were journalists in the courtroom who would ensure that those allegations would be widely disseminated, and that they'd certainly circulate in any prison or jail in which he's held. Might as well paint a target on his back. And McLeland is allowed to do this despite the fact that , to the best of my knowledge, he has yet to disclose how the girls died, and that his once piece of truly inculpatory evidence -- the unspent shell casing -- may well have no probative value at all.

Ain't no injustice like Hoosier justice.

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It sure seems that there was a concerted effort to deny this man ready access to his lawyers. To the point of illegally monitoring and taping he and his lawyers. Why was that?

Wouldn't removing any artifact of impropriety in a conviction in this case be a highest concern to all involved?

Where is, and what of the DNA evidence that was touted for so long as the key to this case? if doesn't implicate Richard Allen, why?

Where is and what of the voice recording from the girls cellphone?

It''s always been implied that there was more on the girls cellphones, What? Does it implicate Richard Allen? If not, why? What else is on the cellphone(s)?

The other young girls on the trail that day, where were their cellphones during the killings? Do any of them happen to be related to any law enforcement or persons involved in this case?

Where was Richard Allens cellphone during the killing?

Why aren't journalists asking these questions?

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A case like this is a reminder that the justice system doesn't operate like a one hour tv drama.

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