So let me get this straight. Without evidence, these protestors demand rules that we already have in place for sexual assault along with resingnations based on accusations alone? What has been demonstrated here. Is an irrational, self-righteous anger that seeks to root out these "rapists" in their imaginary minds. We are as likley to find rapists in frat rooms at Purdue as we are to find them on the moon. I am sick and tired of men being wrongly accused and having anyone to protect them or their side of the story, while we ignore the rampant child sexual abuse in our own K-12 schools.

These women could be going out and educating women and men how to protect themselves from these ever occuring. Instead, it's always up to someone else. And don't give me this non-sense about not undersatnding rape. Because I know personally what it feels like.

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Many useful statements made both by students and by trustees. Sounds like a real pressure-cooker in that Board Room. But that is the way it should be--with transparency and willingness to take reasonable action. Much of the problem can be solved with self-policing, especially by young men's groups whether in fraternities or other groupings. But there need to be institutional sanctions and punitive actions where self-policing fails.

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I am so proud of these students for standing up and speaking out. These young women- and sometimes men- come here for an education, not to be victimized. Purdue should be a place where everyone feels safe. Let’s hope this brings about significant change!

Side note- over $1M for Mitch? That seems obscene for any person in education.

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I have worked at Purdue since 1998 and have worked closely with FSCL. I have seen several leaders of that office and it shocks me that the students are directing anger at Brandon Cutler. He’s truly one of the best in the country and holds them accountable more than any leader I’ve seen. He has a reputation. The students are usually angry at him because he’s TOO strict, not too lenient. And while I don’t know the internal dialogue of this situation, he is the best.

Ultimately, behavior change is on the student side of it. How many programs do they have and who attends them? When they do attend them,

Are they just checking a box or are they committing themselves to learn and change and grow? What is the internal accountability in the houses? How do they treat women? What do they do if they see a guy pouring alcohol down a woman’s throat?

This is not a women’s issue. It’s a men’s issue. Until the men rise up and demand that every single person is treated with respect, And hold each other accountable, nothing will really change. that’s not the Trustees or Mitch Daniels or Brandon Cutler who will do it . It’s the students. They need to demand higher standards for each other. They need to call out the members of their houses that are sexual predators. They need to stop patting each other on the back when someone gets a girl up to their room. And the women need to keep going what they are doing. Call out the houses. Stop attending social gatherings with them. But ultimately, the men are going to have to stand up and call out their own houses and look internally at their own culture. And commit.

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