I looked at the teach-out agreement and don't think I see anything addressing students who are double-majors with one degree and PUI and one at IUI. Maybe in another document?

If I were a student-athlete in a PUI major I'd probably be looking toward the transfer portal, because "Work is underway with the NCAA to minimize disruption to IUPUI student-athletes" is not a sentence that is terribly reassuring for students who'll see sports owned by IUI.

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Life is too short. I'd rather watch paint dry. My wasting any of my allotted seconds on earth on even opening any of these documents, let alone reading them, will change nothing, and I'll never get those seconds back.

That said, if any of your readers want to wade into this particular swamp, I'd be happy to read a few paragraphs describing what, if anything, they've found.

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Understood. And I get that it's a narrow audience. Several people with jobs tied to IUPUI and Purdue programs that will stretch to Indianapolis specifically asked for access to the documents. Happy to oblige.

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Jun 18, 2023·edited Jun 18, 2023Liked by Dave Bangert

No criticism of you intended or implied. I was really just voicing my own angst about what I'm certain are hopelessly and needlessly complex agreements drafted by lawyers billing $1000/hour. (When I was practicing law, I was known for producing overlong, needlessly complicated documents, but, since I was working for non-profits catering to poor and homeless people, I barely made a living wage. Mostly, I did it to piss off my adversaries: The satisfaction that came with doing sometimes compensated for the fact, unlike many of my classmates who went to work for white shoe law firms on Wall Street, I wasn't able to lunch an Michelin-starred restaurants.

On several occasions I've asked you to share documents that would interest no one in the known universe but me, and you've always done so expeditiously. Your willingness to do so -- for an audience of one -- is something for which I've been very grateful.

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