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Yesterday's NY Times feature on Purdue Basketball asked a question in its headline that got an answer.

Also, I've never met an illegitimate child just like I've never met a unicorn. They don't exist. And----- I entirely understand a college student with the possibility of a professional career and improving the circumstances of a current or future family sitting out games to avoid injury. I think it can be a tactically smart team move for a professional player to sit out if not needed to improve play in later games. These can be viewed as selfless acts, not selfish.

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It's entirely normal for pro athletes to sit out games ahead of the postseason. Baseball teams routinely play lineups of bench players after they clinch a playoff berth. And yeah, when a school acts in its financial self-interest to makes millions off the unpaid labor of student athletes it has little standing to complain when the student athlete acts in their own financial self-interest.

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There's nothing wrong with Purdue's basketball team that a state-of-the-art $65 million training facility wouldn't solve. Look what it did for the football team!

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Ah, yes, These Athletes Today! Not like those athletes of yesteryear like Joe DiMaggio's famous predecessor in right field:


Or Joe D's successor star in the Yankees' outfield:


Oh well, at least the athletes Back In The Day never consorted with criminals!


And Joe DiMaggio wasn't all about his personal branding!


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