This summary by David Bangert is fairer than any others I have read recently concerning the controversy in Wabash Township. At least the real issues are being raised here.

(1) Is there a Sustainable Way for supporting Properly full-time fire-fighters ?

(2) Is the most recent Resolution offered by the Wabash Township Board (a) Legal (b) Sustainable

(3) Is there anything incorrect about what Tiesing said in the following section from Banget's column?

Teising insisted during a contentious public meeting Tuesday night – one she attended remotely, via Zoom – that she’d tried to come up with long-term plans to stabilize funding for the fire department without relying on emergency loans or one-time gimmicks, like the one the township board offered. But she claimed she’d been undercut in the process by township and county officials who wouldn’t commit to help create a fire district that would have the chance to provide sustainable revenue.

(4) Bangert's summary did not dwell long on the legal-residency issues nor on the general demeanor of various individuals. Why has it taken so long to get a more-balanced look at the real issues confronting the tax-payers of Wabash Township who want and need adequate fire protection, but who seem, so far, unwilling to take the necessary steps in their own self-interest to ensure a Sustainable source of revenue to adequately and properly employ the necessary full time fire fighters. No fun and games. Just plain hard work and a sense of sacrifice for the benefit of the entire community.

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I’ve come to the conclusion (as I’m sure many people have) that Ms. Teising is a nutcase. She enjoys keeping everyone on edge... this might backfire-& not in her favor if she’s not careful.

I really hope she comes to her senses & do what’s right.

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I hope her house catches fire and nobody responds..... Oh wait she's probably living in some beach house somewhere bought with stolen money where nobody knows her name! I hope one day every one realises how much of a crooked piece of shit she is, And that she will intentially do harm to you just to benefit her and to get her jollies off! Shes one person that maybe their father should have just pulled out and used a sock!

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Teising never comes off well. But, I'm confused. Why not just recall her? Why wait for a trial or the end of her term? Also, what if the township taxed itself enough to pay the firefighters? What am I missing here?

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