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OK, Dave Bangert, I'm in the club to get more reliable local reporting. This most recent post does bring out more completely what Jennifer Tiesing was trying to do all along-despite the lack of support from some of the earlier iterations of the Advisory Board, the Wabash Township Fire Department leadership, and, possibly, unknown persons in the general community. How could one Trustee, minus a really engaged Advisory Board and plus an adversarial fire department leadership ever get a reasonable petition drive launched, conducted, and completed? I don't blame her for avoiding personal confrontations at questionable public meetings. All one has to do is read so many of the hostile posts with some questionable language and lots of ad hominem attacks. Jennifer Tiesing deserves her day in court--and that should be in a fairer environment than what has been showing up in the township. I have confidence that a more balanced coverage of this story may well settle things down. I sure hope so.

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