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Forget Trader Joe's, see if you could get the Bozeman Co-op to come here. This is a tongue in cheek suggestion, but this co-op from my hometown is dynamite. They have not one, but two locations in Bozeman. And while we're daydreaming, how about getting Demos Meats from Ennis? Or Wild Crumb from Bozeman? My point is this: local businesses are much better than national chains. Could we please support local businesses in this community? The last thing this town needs is another national chain. Okay, I'll go back to my corner, but at least you have three excellent tips of places to go from a Montana native should you ever find yourself in my childhood stomping grounds. https://www.bozo.coop/ https://www.facebook.com/Deemos-Meats-360877527322915/


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