As someone who lives on a neighborhood street that sees cut-throughs from people who dead-end into a project, I appreciate the mayor asking people to stop doing that. But, I also think the mayor has no clue about the extent to which the city's lack of communication and repeated deflection of blame on outside forces leaves residents lacking confidence in leadership on all this.

When I see a quote from one of our leaders saying, "I do know that by September or October, the world is going to be a happy place", my first reaction is to ask how he knows that? Up until a few weeks ago I'm sure he knew they'd be working on Grant, until they weren't. Up until recently he knew the price for the Yeager project, and now they're having to spend extra to accelerate it. Up until a few months ago he knew the northern section of Salisbury's measurements were fine, and now they're having to rebuild a big chunk of that. Salisbury got torn up in November and I'm sure he knew they'd start work when the winter got done, and crews didn't even begin working on it until late May.

The city is telling us that everything is not in their control and therefore not their fault, that they're at the mercy of utility companies, contractors in high demand, and errors that may or may not be someone else's fault. If nothing is in their control, then how reassured should we be when someone says he "knows" things will be better by September or October?

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I hope when you do a full story on ACTS, you include what that acronym STANDS for. Nobody has explained it.

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